The Link between Inflammation and Weight Loss

Many people today are struggling with weight loss due to inflammation, and they don’t even realize it. Over the last 25 or so years our diets have changed, just ask your parents and grandparents about the foods they used to eat.

The problem is that a lot of the foods we now consume are just not good for us at all. Manufacturers use ingredients that make foods last during the production process. Their concern to their customer’s health is not as important as turning a profit on their products.

Is Inflammation Causing You Problems?

It seems as though more and more people, at a younger age, are suffering from joint aches and pains. You may notice this yourself, while yes you are getting older. Should you really be stiff and so sore at 50? Other noticeable changes include weight gain, mood swings, skin issues as well as problems with your memory and focus.

One culprit is that your diet may be too rich in Omega 6 fats and too low in Omega 3 fats. One sign of consuming too many Omega 6 fats is joint pain.  The problem is that Omega 6 can be found in just about all types of processed foods.

The good news is that you can actually do something about your inflammation and joint pain. This can be achieved by paying attention to the types of foods you put into your body.

Simply try to avoid using processed and packaged foods.  Instead aim to eat as many fresh foods as possible – go for organic if you can.  Think about the types of foods you can find naturally and add these to your diet.

This will mean that you should avoid all types of junk foods including cookies, chips and soda. Stop buying pre-packaged meals and instead start planning out your meals for the week.

Omega 3 fats can be found in foods such as salmon and sardines. Understandably you may not enjoy these foods so instead look for a quality supplement to take. Always choose a high quality supplement that contains no chemicals or fillers.  Krill oil is a good supplement and will give you less of those fish burps that some Omega 3 supplements are good for!

Take your time and do lots of research online before buying your supplement. Taking Omega 3 each day has been shown to have a good impact on weight loss. Plus it is great for your heart and brain too.

Your Goal

If you really want to relieve yourself of those aches and pains and feel as though you can move easily again, you need to flush the toxins from your body. When your joints feel better, you will also feel motivated to go for walks and start exercising again.

All of this movement will help boost your metabolism and jump start your weight loss efforts. There really is no need to suffer in stiffness at an early age, take a good look at your diet and start making a few changes. You may surprise yourself at how quickly you see an improvement.

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